Company Culture

In our organization, each and every person is responsible to you. Whether it is just asking questions to clear your minds of the doubts that are clouding your thinking or just being

Able to talk out your fears with someone so that it can help you overcome them, each one of the doctors in our team treat patients as a part of their extended families

Empathy is in our work culture

While other clinics give too much importance to comprehensive tests and makes the

Patient run from one laboratory to another and eventually have a harrowing experience

And also having to spend a fortune in conducting costly tests before being able to

Diagnose the problem, we believe that talking to the patient and taking clinical notes

Suffices for a great part and only if we think that the tests will point to any conclusive

Result and help in the treatment of the condition, do we recommend the tests

We have an in house laboratory

While we believe in the fact that the disease in more of the mind than in the body, we also like to give

The patient utmost confidence that with the giant strides that medical science has made in this field,

It is now possible to overcome most of the problems and go back to enjoy your sex life the way you use to

Our in house lab are self sufficient to cater to the patient’s needs of getting allsophisticated tests easily and in the test

Most pocket friendly way. In fact we have packagesand also co ordinate with your health insurance agencies and get you the proccess

Cover that worksbest for you without having any harrowing time running helter-skelter to get your insurance benefits in place